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2022/12/22: Newsletter 2022_2

Newsletter 2022_2

2022/12/02: Symposium Works Councils in German Companies

Conference on 2 December 2022 at the Haus der Geschichte des Ruhrgebiets

2022/12/01: networking evening Smart Systems

On 1 December, a networking evening for people interested in setting up a business took place under the motto "work smarter not harder".


2022/09/29: fairly paid

Dr. Claudia Niewerth from the Centre of Cooperation RUB/IGM talks about fair remuneration systems

2022/09/28: Advocacy under remote conditions

In an article for the Hans Böckler Foundation's co-determination portal, Jan-Torge Daus from the Centre of Cooperation RUB/IGM outlines the extent to which opportunities and problems arise with remote working in works and staff councils, based on the initial findings of the BR-Remote project.

2022/09/06: Guidance for SMEs in the digital transformation:

The future HUB of the Ch@nge Ruhr project is online!

2022/09/05: Thematic route of co-determination. Struggle for a decent working world

The Centre of Cooperatuon RUB/IGM proposed as a place of remembrance

2022/08/22: Visiting Professorship

Double Degree Master's Programme MARAWO

2022/06/23: The Annual Report 2021 and the Newsletter 2022/01 are online!
2022/06/13: Contribution to trade union education

Where the work council learns

2022/06/13: Presentation at the Hybrid Human Artifical Intelligence Conference

at the Free University of Amsterdam

2022/06/08: WorkLab Ch@ngeRuhr

on the topic of human-robot collaboration on 23.06.2022

2022/06/02: WorkSpace consultation

of the Ch@ngeRuhr project on 02.06.2022

2022/06/02: The WorkSpace " Consulting " of the Ch@nge Ruhr project

was successfully carried out on 02 June!

2022/05/30: New Publication!

The book: Economy, Work and Life with and after the Corona Crisis is now available!

2022/05/23: Final workshop of the projects QuBA² und QuBMeT

On 4 May 2022, the project series QuBA (Qualification Monitoring for Works Councils), funded by the Hans Böckler Foundation, was concluded within a workshop - for the moment.

2022/05/09: Publication : Anthology "Gewerkschaften im Gedächtnis der Demokratie"

2022: Stefan Berger, Wolfgang Jäger, Ulf Teichmann (ed.)

2022/05/02: Transfer mission statement of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Transfer is multidirectional!

2022/04/30: 3rd Teachersday at RUB

The Centre of Cooperation RUB/IGM presented its Areas of activity.

2022/03/22: Spring reception of the BMBF joint project HUMAINE

Presentation and discussion of partial results in the premises of the Centre of Cooperation at O-Werk

2022/03/14: FUTUR21 - Art - Industry - Culture

Panel discussion "Me and the Robot" at the Zinc factory Oberhausen.

2022/03/09: Announcement of the book: Economy, Work and Life with and after the Corona Crisis

The book edited by Prof. Dr Manfred Wannöffel and Dr Yves Gensterblum will be published in June this year.

2022/02/28: Publication in the journal PROKLA

An article by Prof. Dr Manfred Wannöffel, Kathrin Schäfers and Jochen Schroth on the risks in value chains in the context of Corona.

2022/01/19: Conclusion of the seminar week in Mexico

of BUAP and RUB

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