Focus Areas and Activities


Our activities comprise four elements, that follow a cyclic process:

  • transdisciplinary research cooperations (1),
  • transformation of scientific results to the social practise (2),
  • development and und direction of scientific further education degree courses (3),
  • execution of interdisciplinary academic teaching, mostly in the departments of history, mechanical engineering, social sciences andsport sciences (4).

Focus Areas

Regarding our focus areas and research interests we mostly deal with topics from the domains of labour and education sciences. Here you'll find some of the last few years' examples. We are particularly interested into the design of gainful employment and transfer research.

Labour Research

  • Work Relations in European and International Contexts
  • International Comparative Work Science
  • Workers' Participation Research

Education Sciences

  • Academic Education and Further Education
  • Qualification of  Actors of Workers' Participation (e.g. working committees)
  • Learning Factories as Learning Locations

Social-Ecological Transformation

  • Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence
  • Ressource-Saving Production Models

A comprehensive transfer research concept builds the framework for all of our research.

Guiding Principle