Interdisciplinary Cooperations

BargainUp – Bargaining Upfront in the Digital Age

BargainUp aims to empower workers' representatives to use the full potential of collective bargaining to balance competitive pressures with social and ethical considerations in the digital age. The main rationale behind this project is that "no one has a crystal ball to look into the digital future and there is no such thing as technological determinism in the context of digitalisation" (ETUC 2016), so workers' representatives, together with other political and social actors, are now called upon to take action to collectively shape the future of work.

  • Duration: 2020 - 2022
  • Cooperation partners: various European partners, see project homepage.
  • Funded by: EU Commission
  • Contact persons: Anna Conrad and Tim Harbecke

Workplace Democracy: a European Ideal?

Discourses and Practices on the Democratisation of Labour after 1945

The project deals with the idea of industrial democracy - from historical, contemporary, national and European perspectives. In particular, the interplay between academia and trade unions is considered. The sub-project, which is based at the RUB/IGM Joint Research Centre, investigates the contradiction between scientific discourse and experienced reality.

    Duration: 2021 - 2025
    Cooperation partners: Institute for Social Movement at the Ruhr University (Prof. Dr. Stefan Berger) et al.
    Funded by: DFG
    Contact persons: Manfred Wannöffel and Anna Conrad