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2024/07/05: The Annual Report 2023 and the Newsletter 2024/01 are online!
2024/06/28: Final event "Labour and democracy"

"Democracy is slow, but AI is fast and furious: challenges in the digital transformation"

2024/06/17: Announcement: Final event "Labour and Democracy"

On 25 June from 17.15 at the O-Werk (Ascona)

2024/06/11: 5th event evening of "Labour and Democracy"

Challenges of co-determination in the double transformation

2024/06/05: 4th event evening of "Labour and Democracy"

Development trends in labour market

2024/05/21: 3rd event evening of "Labour and Democracy"

Trade unions as organisations for political democracy and decision-making

2024/04/30: 2nd event evening of "Labour and Democracy"

Welfare organisations as "sleeping giants"

2024/04/23: Launch of the "Labour and Democracy" event series

The importance of the history of remembrance for the further development of social democracy

2024/04/19: Announcement: Programme Labour and Democracy in summer semester 24

organised by the Network of Labour and Trade Union Research at the Universities of the Ruhr in cooperation with IG Metall, the Academy for Co-Determination at RUB and the DGB-Bildungswerk Bund.

2024/04/11: Foundation of the HUMAINE Network e.V. association

The founding meeting for the HUMAINE Network e.V. took place in the run-up to the spring trade fair on 11 April 2024.