Visit of a Latin American trade union delegation on 19.07.


On Wednesday, 19.07.2023, a trade union delegation of about 40 members of the IPM project (International Project Management), initiated by IG Metall and the world federation IndustrieALL, visited the RUB/IGM joint workplace at the O-Werk on Mark 51°7.

Publikum Vortrag

Our research assistants Jan-Torge Daus and Lara Obereiner received them. The delegates from Latin American countries will exchange views on the trade union challenges in the socio-ecological transformation in Germany within a framework programme. The participants come from different industrial sectors such as mechanical engineering, the automotive industry, the textile industry and mining. For example, they were guests at the training workshops at Siemens in Mühlheim/Ruhr and visited the former Heinrichshütte in Hattingen in the afternoon of 19 July. 

Vortrag Torge & Lara

The campus of Mark 51°7, which was developed under the motto "Knowledge creates economy", offered the perfect location to discuss the continuous structural change of the Ruhr region as well as the transformation of education and science against the background of the socio-ecological transformation. The structural development of Bochum, from one of the largest mining cities in Europe to a car city to a knowledge metropolis, is particularly tangible on the site of the former Opel factory. In addition to Bochum's structural change, the development of Mark 51°7 and thus also of the RUB/IGM Joint Centre and the Worldfactory Start-Up Centre were topics of the lectures. A visit to the Makerspace was also a must!